Google To Release Voice Search For iPhone

Microsoft said a while back that they were looking into adding their voice search software to the iPhone, but the NY TImes says Google might be beating them to it. Rumors are circulating the net that Google is planning to release a free voice search app for the iPhone, possibly some time later today.

The application will use the iPhone’s sensors the same way that the built-in phone app does to sense when you’re holding it up to your face, which will tell the app to “listen” to your voice.

The app will be able to ask virtually any question imaginable, such as “Where’s the nearest Starbucks?” or “How tall is Mount Everest?”. The question is then converted to a file and sent to Google’s servers, where they do their best to decipher it and send it on to the search engine.

“Whatever they introduce now, it will greatly increase in accuracy in three or six months,” said Raj Reddy, artificial intelligence researcher at Carnegie Mellon University, one of the people behind the technology at Google.

“It’s important to understand that machine recognition will never be perfect,” Mr. Reddy added. “The question is, How close can they come to human performance?”

The version for the iPhone is the first from Google, but rumors say that Google is already working on versions for other devices.

[via NY Times]

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