Google Sells Just 20,500 Nexus Ones In The First Week

Google is estimated to have sold 20,500 units of their new Nexus One Android handset in it’s first week of availability. Those numbers aren’t spectacular, given many had hoped it would compete with the iPhone and increase competition in the mobile industry. It’s got a long way until it gets to the kind of numbers the 3GS brought in at it’s first week.

Andy Rubin, head of mobility at Google, said a while ago that 150,000 in the first week would be ideal, but sales fell pretty short of that. A report from Flurry says it was only 20,500, estimating that the “Nexus One was outsold by Droid by more than 12 times, myTouch 3G by 3 times and iPhone 3GS by a staggering 80 times.” 

That said, Google didn’t bend to great lengths to promote the device, but apparently that isn’t what Google had planned, or so Mr. Rubin said.

Cannibalization may also be playing a role as the Nexus One competes against the myTouch 3G for any new T-Mobile customer. In effect, sales are now split between the two handsets. And while Google, in an effort to avoid channel conflict with T-Mobile, appears to have set the direct-to-consumer price for the handset at over $500 dollars, the high price point combined with the fact that the handset is only considered an “evolutionary” improvement over previous Android devices, indicates that Google did not take the steps to maximize first week sales. (Flurry Press Release)

[via GigaOM]

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