Google Search Now Location-Aware On iPhones

Google announced recently that the Google home page will now be location-aware when accessed on an iPhone. Now, whenever you go to on your iPhone, Google will tap in to the device’s GPS capabilities to determine your location and give you location-relevent results. The ability to search with My Location has also been added to the Google Mobile App [$0.00 | App Store].

As of today, when you visit from Safari on your iPhone 3.0, you can choose to turn on My Location by tapping on the link on the homepage. When you tap on the “update” link, your location will be updated and displayed right there on the homepage. Whenever you want to refresh your location, just tap the “update” link. Testing this in New York, my search for “jazz clubs” returned a handful of places within walking distance. I picked one, tapped the phone number, made a reservation, and we were set for the night.

Currently it’s only available in the US and UK for the English language, but more countries and languages are being worked on. Any GPS-capable iPhone (3G or 3GS) running iPhone OS 3.0 or later will be able to use it.

[via MacRumors]

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