Google Launches Official Google Voice Web App

In December of last year, Riverturn launched Black Swan, a web version of VoiceCentral, their since-banned native Google Voice application. It was the first app of any kind to bring Google Voice back to the iPhone through legitimate means after Apple removed all traces of Google Voice functionality from the App Store. Now Google is following suit, offering their own official Google Voice web app for the iPhone.

The new official Google Voice app uses the advancements in web tech implemented in HTML5 to create a web app that has much of the functionality and a similar feel to the native application. Like Black Swan, you can use it to dial numbers from your Google Voice number and have it connect you through the native Phone app. You can also listen to your voicemail, read voicemail transcripts, send and receive free text messages, and utilize Google Voice’s lower international calling rates.

For more information visit or take a look at the Google Mobile Help Center. Please note, the web app is compatible with all versions of Palm WebOS and iPhone OS 3.0 and higher. A Google Voice account is required to use the app, and Google Voice is currently only available in the United States. To learn more about Google Voice or request an invite, visit or read the Google Voice blog.

[via Google Mobile Blog]

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