Google Exec: Apple Tablet To Be A Large-Scale iPhone

Kaifu Lee, the former president of Google China who has also been employed by Apple revealed new facts about Apple’s upcoming tablet device today via a Twitter-like post [Google Translate version] which has since been verified. Per the post, Lee, who cited a source close to the story, confirmed that the tablet looks like a larger iPhone and features a 10.1″ multi-touch screen, impressive user interface and combines the functionality of a netbook with an Amazon Kindle.

The blog also cited additional features such as 3D technology, virtual keyboard and video conferencing. The tablet is slated to sell at under $1,000 with Apple planning to produce 10 million units in the first year alone.

Lee, whose post-Google resume included startup company Innovation Works, sports ties with Terry Guo, the president of Foxconn, a long-preferred Apple component manufacturer rumored to be assembling the Apple tablet.

[via Cloned In China | photo credit James Duncan Davidson]


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