Google Enables Multitouch In Android Handsets

Back when Apple and Google were still practically joined at the hip, the notion that Google disabled multitouch functionality from the Android OS seemed plausible, albeit totally bogus for Android users. Now Google seems to agree, as their latest over-the-air update has enabled multitouch on all Android devices. Why the sudden change? Good question.

Google claims it’s because Android 2.1, the update, “powers a new class of devices” that are more powerful and have bigger displays, and “based on these new capabilities and numerous requests from Android users, we decided to provide pinch-to-zoom capabilities with this new over-the-air software update for Nexus One devices.”

In other words, they’re not going to tell us, but at least it’s here, and competition is a good thing.

In case you wanted proof, here it is:

[via Engadget]


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