Google Buys & Kills Awesome iPhone App

Google really disappointed us earlier today when they acquired the startup email search client reMail. The app was a fresh new take on how mail could work on the iPhone, and many believed it was far superior to the native mail app on the iPhone. It was innovative and incredibly promising, and Google purchased it and killed it dead.

Here’s the weird thing. It’s development was headed by Gabor Cselle, who was a former member of the Gmail team, so obtaining the talent behind the app was probably not Google’s goal in the move. It seems much more likely that Google is doing this as a jab at the iPhone as part of the Apple vs Google feud that’s been developing.

Curious what you’re going to miss out on? Check out the below demo:

Hey Google, I thought you weren’t supposed to be evil? Steve Jobs is starting to look right.

[via TechCrunch]

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