Google Announces Push Gmail Contacts, Google Calendar For iPhone

Google has announced that Google Sync, a new service that allows push over-the-air (OTA) syncing of Google Calendar events and Gmail contacts for the Blackberry, will now work with the iPhone. Microsoft says that Google has licensed their Exchange ActiveSync protocol, which Google Sync is based on.

The service will be free to anyone with a Google account and an iPhone, and can be set up in the ActiveSync and Exchange preferences on the iPhone. It will work with both first generation iPhones and iPhone 3Gs, but requires firmware v2.2. Lastly, they warn users that the service is still in Beta, as are most of their offerings.

Strangely, while Google Sync does offer push syncing for calendars and contacts, they have yet to offer push support for receiving Gmail on the iPhone.

More information about Google Sync with the iPhone is available here.

[via MacRumors]

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