Google Announces Deal To Acquire In-App Ad Firm AdMob

Google has announced that they have struck a deal to purchase mobile advertising firm AdMob for $750 million. AdMob is currently the largest provider of advertising for iPhone applications and which creates revenue opportunities for the majority of free ad-supported apps without the need to charge a purchase price.

Google explains their reasoning:

The deal will help Google in its efforts to develop more effective tools for creating, serving and analyzing emerging mobile ads formats. As this ecosystem continues to grow, the company expects these new marketing media to offer significant benefits:

- Advertisers will be better able to engage mobile users with AdMob’s ad formats
- Publishers and developers will be able to monetize their content more effectively, which has benefits for the wider mobile ecosystem
- Users will see more relevant ads and ultimately get access to more ad-supported content and applications – improving their mobile experience

Google has published the full details of the AdMob aquisition on an informational website.

[via MacRumors]

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