Google Admits To Using Unpublished APIs, Denies Private Frameworks Claim

There was some speculation last week that Google was using undocumented APIs and other such resources deemed out-of-bounds in the SDK in their updated Google Mobile App, but was still somehow approved by Apple. Google recently confirmed that this is partly true, but still denies some of the claims.

Undocumented APIs are generally frowned upon, but aren’t a a very serious offence, as many apps in the App Store use them. However, it was also thought that they linked to private frameworks, something much more serious. In most cases that Apple discovers this taking place in an app, it is removed and the developer will not be allowed to update or resubmit it.

A Google spokesman admitted yesterday that Google Mobile does indeed use undocumented APIs to use the proximity sensor for prompting speech recognition, but they still deny that they link to private or dynamic frameworks.

[via CNET]

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