Good Reader

Good Reader is a file viewer primarily boasting the ability to store and show large PDF files with ease. Using their own viewing engine, large text files, PDFs and large images load quickly and don’t strain the application. With the download of a third-party desktop application, you can get started with Good Reader today!

To begin using Good Reader, simply choose a file and download the third-party application (for USB transfer) or transfer the files noting the IP address (for WiFi transfer). It’s a simple process, and you can load as many files as you’d like into the application, as long as you have space on your device.

The application allows many file types:

• MS Office: Word, Excel, PowerPoint
• HTML files and Safari webarchives
• iWork’08
• iWork’09 (only with iPhone OS 3.0)
• audio & video

There are some known limitations, however:

• JPEG2000 image compression used in some modern PDF files is not supported (you will see an empty space instead of a picture)
• 256-bit AES PDF-encryption is not supported (you will see empty pages).
• 128-bit AES PDF-encryption is supported only starting with iPhone OS 3.0
• Some PDF eBooks are protected by DRM technology (Digital Rights Management). This is a piece of software embedded into a PDF file, that asks for your user name and password upon file opening and then checks if you have the right to view this particular file. DRM-protected PDFs are not supported.
• PDF’s 3D, audio and video content is not supported
• PDF’s annotations are not supported
• PDF Portfolios are not supported
• Some Microsoft Office files are shown a little bit incorrectly
• iWork’08 files must be saved with Include Preview option
• iWork’09 files can be shown starting from iPhone OS 3.0, they must be saved with Include Preview option

Other features include helpful tutorials, landscape view, a rather extensive list of settings and a whopping 50x zoom with PDF files. All in all, Good Reader is a full application with the capacity to serve just about any of your needs.

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