Godzilab Announces Contest To Make Your Own Game Level

Godzilab has announced a new contest that could leave you with $25 (USD). They are asking for contestants to create custom levels for their puzzle game, iBlast Moki [App Store, $1.99]. They will be choosing the 10 best levels submitted to be bundled as a new version of the game down the road. You can enter and win multiple times, and will get a $25 iTunes gift card for each winning level submitted.

How to Participate:

  • Create your levels with the level editor in iBlast Moki for iPhone/iPod Touch.
  • You level name should start with XX so that we can identify it for the competition.
  • Upload it using the online sharing feature in iBlast Moki.
  • Take a screenshot of the solution and email it to contest at godzilab-games dot com
  • All levels should be uploaded before midnight on Sunday 8th November 2009
  • We will select the best levels, and you will receive an email if your level is chosen


  • We won’t accept existing or similar levels to the ones already uploaded or in the game, so please make sure your levels are completely new with original ideas.
  • The levels should be using the standard physics (not the water physics).
  • We would like to see complex and hard levels using a wide variety of items.

Check out their forums if you have any questions.

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