Glide Factor

Glide Factor, by Sprimp and Chillingo, is an action game app which mainly uses the iPhone’s accelerometer function. Tilt the iPhone to guide your spaceship through various obstacle courses in as little time as possible to get stars and badges. Blocks and enemies will cascade towards you while you choose to speed up or slow down by simply tilting your iPhone at highly sensitive degrees. With power-ups, funky graphics and music, and a variety of levels, Glide Factor will definitely keep you entertained.

The accelerometer controls for Glide Factor are very sensitive. Your ship will respond quickly to even the slightest tilt. Your craft will only be able to afford 5 crashes initially, but life hearts can be picked up along the way. If you slow down, objects are easier to dodge, but you won’t break any records that way. For those daredevils out there, you’ll get a frightening sense of speed when you tilt all the way forward, but a couple of crashes will eliminate those stars. The controls are actually a little too sensitive for my wiggly self. Often times there is only enough space for your ship to barely squeeze through, and the slightest bump or even readjusting your balance will cause you to crash. I happen to die very often.

Dodging stuff is fun enough, especially when there are 30 stages set across 6 differently themed zones. However, the key to success lies in the collection of power-ups. Hearts will replenish your ship’s health. A clock will shave a second off your time (huge for those record-breaking attempts). A shield will make you invincible for several seconds. There are also bombs you can pick up and use by shaking your device. This will make everything on the screen that’s not you blow up! My favorite is the shield, since I can just tilt the iPhone all the way up and watch my ship blast through obstacles at crazy speed.  

Glide Factor has some pretty good options, most notably iPod support! The music for Glide Factor is already pretty funky and space-y, it’s definitely listenable. The ability to pull up your own playlist is always a fantastic option to include though. You can also share highscores online, which is great motivation for testing your hand-eye coordination and nerves of steel. The graphics for Glide Factor are very simple, yet crisp and pleasing to the eye. Everything is surprisingly acceptable looking, considering most of the graphics are simply geometric shapes.

All in all, everything ties in very well. The look, feel, and sound all seem to flow together seamlessly no matter what your opinion of the game may be. My personal opinion is that the game is a bit too fast paced and the controls are too sensitive for my finicky ways. With that said, anyone who enjoys this genre of game will certainly enjoy Glide Factor. Simple to use and exciting to play, it’s a steal at $0.99!

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