Glasses-Free 3D Is Possible on iPad 2 and iPhone 4

As the smash hit Avatar has shown what seems to be the majority, 3D can be quite an experience-changing effect. Many users find that wearing glasses to watch 3D content constantly is impractical and are waiting for the glasses-free revolution. The first big company to kick this off was Nintendo with the glasses-free 3D display-toting 3DS last month. A clever individual has found a way to give the iPad 2 a glasses-free 3D effect.

The effect goes further than just (sort of) adding depth to the display, it is also a monocular 3D effect. Monocular 3D means you can move your head and be able to see different views from various angles.

While it does not utilize a hidden 3D feature built into the display, the effect is achieved in a way more impressive than just using the accelerometers and gyroscope for effect. The front-facing camera tracks your head, manipulating your view as you move in order to create a fairly convincing illusion. Check out the video below.

[vsw id="bBQQEcfkHoE" source="youtube" width="490" height="300" autoplay="no"]

Hopefully the guy responsible for the demonstration does release an app, if only just as a concept that users can try out. It would be great to see a few apps, especially games, implement something similar. Since all that is necessary is a front-facing camera for this to work, the effect would be possible on an iPhone 4 and a fourth-generation iPod touch as well.

Written by Michael DeLisi