Giveaway: We Have Tickets For The Two Best Macworld Parties, Who Wants ‘Em?

That’s right, kiddies, we have 20 tickets for the two best Macworld parties and we’re giving them away! The first ten tickets we have are for the spectacular Cirque Du Mac party which features free drinks, The Macworld All Star Band, awesome light shows, roaming clowns, and tattoo artists! It takes place on Thursday night, so we’ll give the tickets away that morning. This is the party to be at on Thursday. Did I mention free drinks?

We also have ten tickets for the official Macworld Blast party, which takes place on Friday night. This party features Paul Kent’s band, lots of booze (not sure about open bar), and tons of fun. Again, this is the party to be at on Friday.

To win tickets for either of these parties, all you have to do is find us! For Cirque tickets, we’ll send out a tweet on Wednesday night letting you know where and when to find us on Thursday morning. Show up, and you get ‘em! For Macworld Blast Tickets, we’ll tweet on Thursday letting you know where and when to find us on Friday morning. See you there, and be sure to follow us on Twitter if you want tickets!

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