Getting an iPhone 3G S On The Cheap

iPhone 3G owners who are ineligible for a subsidized upgrade to the iPhone 3G S will really enjoy this little find. During my quest to buy a 3G S today (I’m ineligible for an upgrade) I stumbled across a way to get the 3G S at the full subsidized price. The trick is you need to go to an AT&T store to get it done. Read on for the details!

The process goes like this. Drop by an AT&T store and ask to get an iPhone 3G S. When the agent sees that you aren’t able to get the subsidized price, tell them that you’d like to do the following:

1. You’d like to add the iPhone 3G S as a new line to your account. It will be the standard, subsidized price.
2. After you have the phone, you want to then “swap the equipment,” which means you put your current SIM into the iPhone 3G S.
3. You then want to change the new line to a “basic line” with no iPhone features. This way the new line will only cost $10.

Be up front with your AT&T rep about your intentions. There’s no trickery going on, and they’ll be happy to do all of this for you in one visit. Once you’re finished, you’ll have two lines, one with an iPhone plan and one without. DO NOT use the new SIM as it won’t have a data plan. It will just function as a very cheap extra line. You don’t even have to use it.

That’s about it! This is exactly what I did to get my iPhone 3G S, and my AT&T rep says she’d already done it several times throughout the day. Any AT&T rep should be able to do this without any problem.

If you buy your phone in this manner, let us know in the comments!

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