Geohot Releases 3GS Jailbreak For Windows

In response to the Dev Team’s decision to wait until OS 3.1 to release a jailbreak for the iPhone 3GS, George Hotz, aka Geohot, has released his own jailbreaking tool for the iPhone 3GS called purplera1n, as he announced on his site. Right now it’s only for Windows, but he says a Mac version is next on his list. It’s still in beta, and many of the comments on his website are from people experiencing issues like frozen iPhones and compatibility problems with Vista, but an equal number of comments say it works just fine.


To get started right now, go to Download it. Make sure you have windows(but not 7), the latest iTunes installed, and an iPhone 3GS with 3.0 firmware. Connect your iPhone normally. Click “make it ra1n”. Wait. On bootup, run Freeze, the purplera1n installer app. Hopefully you’ll figure out what to do from there.

You can download the hack at

[via Apple Insider]

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