Gas Cubby

Gas Cubby is a feature-rich application for tracking gas mileage and vehicle maintenance. The app allows you to track every fill-up and determine how much you’ve spent, price-per-gallon trends, mileage, and quite a bit more. You can also keep track of vehicle maintenance such as oil changes, wiper blades, accessory installations, and nearly anything else. Finally, the interface is easy to use and looks great.

Every time you fill up, entering information such as total cost, cost per gallon, amount, and your odometer reading helps Gas Cubby calculate your gas mileage. Other details such as gas brand, octane, location, and date can also be stored for your records. A notes field is also available for anything else you’d want to keep track of. After accumulating several entries, Gas Cubby will show an average MPG at the bottom of the main screen. Turning the app to the side shows graphs for MPG, gas stats, price per gallon, and gas and service expenses.

Gas Cubby also tracks vehicle services and maintenance such as oil changes, tire rotations, and nearly anything else. Gas Cubby can remind you of recurring services such as oil changes based on your odometer reading. Each service reminder can be customized for your vehicle and custom services allow for custom reminders. When it’s time for an oil change, an alert is presented and the Gas Cubby icon gets badged to remind you until the service is completed.

Entering data in the new version is easier with next/previous buttons to quickly move between data entry points. If you’re interrupted by a phone call in the middle of an entry, Gas Cubby saves your progress. A sync feature is also provided which will save all of your data on the App Cubby server, free of charge. Gas Cubby also comes with a search feature with tons of filters to find the info you’re interested in.

On top of gas and maintenance tracking, Gas Cubby helps you keep track of other important stuff like VIN, plate number, insurance policy, and other notes. Reports can also be emailed in CSV format. Did I forget to mention that it supports multiple vehicles?

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