Gamevil Going Partly Freemium, for the Moment At-Least

It seems iPhone developer and publisher, Gamevil is halfhearted on whether they should be going completely freemium with their games or not. Recently, they have dropped a few of their games from their original price point down to absolutely FREE. Check them out below.

These applications are definitely not Gamevil’s not-so-popular applications, but rather applications ranging from best to not-the-best:

Zenonia 3
This proves that Gamevil is not just offering their not-so-successful titles as, in my honest opinion, Zenonia 3 undoubtedly takes the cake for the best overall RPG experience for iOS. Why? The intuitive controls, wonderful visuals and continuation of a great storyline from their previous two titles makes playing Zenonia 3 such a great experience. It’s currently free, so check it out as soon as possible!

Soccer Superstars 2011
Yes folks, download this wonderful take on iOS soccer from Gamevil. With multiple game modes, an arcade theme flawlessly applied and some pretty nice visuals (definitely not comparable to something like Infinity Blade, though) this sped up version of soccer is pretty fun — especially for free. It hasn’t got real player names or club teams, nor is it an alternative game to FIFA on your Xbox, but soccer fans are doubtlessly sure to enjoy it.

VANQUISH: The Oath of Brothers
The visuals aren’t too impressive in this one of Gamevil’s earlier titles, although they’re unique, but the gameplay is near fantastic. You’ll ride your horse and attack oncoming enemies using an adventurous control scheme, while also playing through Gamevil’s signature RPG-ness seen in almost every one of their iOS games. I’d question the purchase for full price, but since it’s absolutely free, I totally recommend VANQUISH.

I own all three of these games, and they’re among the best in Gamevil’s extensive collection. They’re well-worth the time that it’ll take to download them.