Game Dev Accused Of Harvesting Players’ Phone Numbers

Storm8, a developer responsible for iMobsters, Vampires Live, and Zombies LIve, is the target of a class action lawsuit accusing them of secretly collecting the phone numbers of users who download and play their games. The company claims that their games have been downloaded more than 20 million times. Storm8 admitted to transferring users’ phone numbers back in August, but shook it off as only a bug.

“Storm8 has written the software for all its games in such a way that it automatically accesses, collects, and transmits the wireless telephone number of each iPhone user who downloads any Storm8 game,” the suit alleges. ” … Storm8, though, has no reason whatsoever to access the wireless phone numbers of the iPhones on which its games are installed.”

The lawsuit adds that Storm8 “could not have accidentally harvested its users’ phone numbers” and needed to use “very specific and specialized software code to do so.”

Unfortunately, this isn’t the first case of a developer being accused of stealing users’ phone numbers. European application mogoRoad was found to be doing the same thing in September and using them to place unsolicited calls.

It is our hope that Apple might put safeguards against this kind of thing in the iPhone OS to protect users’ data from being collected by developers without their consent or knowledge.

Full text of the lawsuit [PDF]

[via Boing Boing]

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