Gallery: Apple’s Cheaper iPhone 5/5S/6/Mini

Although the Internet is ablaze over rumors of a cheaper iPhone, it seems like the device itself has originated from a game of telephone; it is still a bewildering process trying to piece together whether it will actually surface or not.

Nonetheless, if it does indeed come into fruition, then it would more than likely borrow from the current iPhone 5, the designed-on-a-stricter-budget iPod touch, and journey back to take design cues from the classic plastic iPhone 3G. From this conglomeration of released designs and rumors comes a very realistic gallery of images depicting what a next-generation, yet cheaper iPhone could look like.

The mock-ups do make it appear certain that if Apple can effectively build a more advanced iPhone for as much or less than the next phone in line to be offered for free on-contract, the iPhone 4S, then it could be a more appealing choice for potential consumers. After all, who wants to feel like they’re buying an “old” phone, despite the reduced price? Releasing a new, cheaper iPhone alongside the next major release could spell more substantial sales if it is as convincing as these images prove it could be.

















































































Although there is a long way to go until the presumed introduction of the affordable Apple handset, designers not affiliated with Apple have released images which depict what they believe such a device would look like.

Martin Hajek has given his input on the possible new iPhone design. He was the creative mind behind iPad mini renderings that went viral around the web last year before the device was officially introduced in October, as well as gorgeous iPhone 5 renders that appeared completely authentic.

From Hajek’s perspective the iPhone mini (Hajek’s name for the new device) will be reminiscent of the iPhone 5′s great design.

There will be some noticeable differences, the first being its size: it will be shorter. Also, the mockup suggests that the device will also be thicker and sport the good old Apple-standard 3.5-inch screen, despite Digitimes‘ claims that it will have a bigger screen.


Introduction preceding images by Michael DeLisi; the above written by Istvan Fekete, edited by Mike Crook & Michael DeLisi