Futuristic High-Speed Racer ‘Phaze’ Released For iPhone, iPod Touch

Handmark has released an awesome new racing game developed by Pazzazz for the iPhone and iPod touch called Phaze. Closely designed around the video game classic Wipeout [wiki], you control a futuristic high-speed racer where you test your skills against opponents, aided by an assortment of power-ups on the track.

Controlls are accelerometer based; tilting left or right steers the vehicle, while tilting forward and backward controls acceleration. Power-ups are used by tapping their symbol on the screen once you get it. The game also has a Championship mode where players have to make it through 16 races, unlocking new tracks and gear with each one.


  • 4 difficulty levels – Easy through to Extreme
  • 3 race craft to choose from (with 7 more unlockable)
  • 16 futuristic locations
  • 6 types of weapon and defense powerup
  • In-game music ability to play your own soundtrack

You can buy Phaze for $4.99 in the App Store.

[via Touch Arcade]

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