Future iPhones To Include Micro-USB Charging As Part Of European Standard

Ten of the top cell phone makers in the world, including Apple Inc., have agreed to support a Europe-wide standard for cell phone chargers. Starting next year, they will begin including a standard micro-USB jack on all new data-capable handheld internet devices, including the iPhone. The decision is the brainchild of the European Commission, which has been pushing for such a standard to make things easier for consumers.

“People will not have to throw away their charger whenever they buy a new phone,” said EU Industry Commissioner Guenter Verheugen. He estimated that discarded cell phone chargers account for thousands of tons of waste each year in Europe.

In the beginning, these devices will be sold with the charger included, but will eventually be sold separately.

Other companies that have signed the agreement include Motorola, Nokia, LG, NEC, Qualcomm, Research in Motion, Samsung and Texas Instruments. All together, they control 90% of the cell phone market in Europe.

It is unclear if the micro-USB port will also be included on models in the U.S. and elsewhere, or only on models sold in Europe. We’ll let you know as more details emerge.

[via Reuters]

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