Fun Fact: Apple Has a Bigger Budget Than the U.S. Government

We all know that Apple is a monumental company, but if there is one figure that puts that fact into perspective it is when we compare it to our own government in the United States. Following Apple’s previous earnings report, the company has a total of $76.2 billion in the proverbial bank. This week marks the U.S. Treasury’s attainment of $73.8 billion balance.

For comparison sake, Microsoft, Apple’s closest competitor in the technology industry, is just shy of $70 billion. In total, 29 worldwide companies are wealthier than the federal government.

With Apple’s unprecedented growth over the last few years, it is not impossible that the difference in revenue between the government and the world’s biggest technology company will broaden further. Especially with the national debt looming on us. (Another fact for you, but this one isn’t as fun: analysts have found that our national debt in the trillions is currently impossible to pay off even if the U.S. Government collected every dollar in circulation.)

Maybe Apple just knows how to find the right people to manage billions and a wide reach of power. It would not hurt if the government looked at Apple for a few pointers on how to run a multi-billion dollar establishment, but the government’s system may already be too cluttered to be fixed by a precisely-neat company that dominates practically every market that it enters.

Who says Apple won’t run the world one day? Plus, that day seems close. Especially if our government goes under. (That was a joke of course, that is not likely to happen anytime soon. However I should probably bring up the national debt again that for all intent and purposes is impractical to work out.)

All kidding aside, the collation merely demonstrates Apple’s influence not just in groundbreaking technological strides and inventions but also its significant power in the world.

[figures via First Coast News]

Update: Actually, Apple has a bigger cash balance than the U.S. Government – not a bigger budget; unfortunately I was not politically-versed enough to realize the terms have different meanings within politics. Sorry for the confusion!