Freebies! Come Get Your Weekend’s Hype!

I own these two games which gives me the right and the evidence to say that they’re serious time-wasters. If you’re looking for something to spend some time on this weekend, check out these three titles that are only free for a limited time only!

Pig Shot:

First off, if you haven’t seen it yet, here’s my review. Pig Shot has been played tons of times on my iPod for two reasons: One, the game is so freakin’ addictive, it’s hard to get un-hooked. And secondly, the cartoon graphics are awesome! So, go get it, and see how far you take that crazed pig without stopping!

Cubed Rally Racer (CRR):

If you like games like LilRacerZ or the recently released Reckless Racing, stop what you’re doing right now (which is of course reading this article) and go pick up the game. It’s got multiple game modes, and an addiction factor that’s sure to hook you! You play as a little blue, cube-shaped car as you try to complete randomly generated tracks without falling off the edge.