Foxconn Producing iPhone 3Gs At “Over Capacity”

There are a lot of people who want iPhones, so the faster Apple’s manufacturer can make them, the better. Foxconn, the company that builds the iPhone for Apple, is doing very well keeping up, building a whopping 800,000 iPhone 3G’s a week, but according to TechCrunch, quality control might be suffering as a result.

They say that a source close to Apple with direct access to the numbers says that Foxconn recently ramped up production to 800k/week in order to compensate with the massive demand, which became apparent on launch day with carriers around the world quickly selling out. With Apple approaching plans to expand sales to even more countries, the need for more iPhones continues to expand as well.

Foxconn’s ramp-up is good news, except for one little detail: 800,000 units a week is “above current full capacity” for the company. This leaves us wondering if Foxconn will be able to keep up their quality. It’s more then they were expecting, too. TechCrunch says that they were told to expect something around 40 million this year, but that that those numbers “are being revised upwards sharply.”

Hopefully they don’t sacrifice quality for quantity.

[via TechCrunch]

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