Fox News Reports iPhone 5 Has a Laser Keyboard and Holographic Display (Video)

Apparently, Fox knows something about iPhone 5 that Apple did not feel compelled to announce. Either that or Fox was completely misinformed on the topic. We will go with the latter on this, as footage of “new” iPhone 5 features was broadcast using a mix of mockup video from months ago and an anchor having to go along with a script of features that are pulled out of the video’s science fiction.

In an era of misinformation, using YouTube as a news source was issue number one for Fox here. Not realizing the difference between a mockup that is believable but not enough so that it should have made it into a news broadcast after being reviewed by educated eyes is issue number two. Then, not even verifying the features with news reports or at least Apple’s site was the third strike for shoddy reporting. “Shame shame shame,” huh?

Perhaps there is in fact a reason why Fox News receives the criticism it does. Not to stir a political debate, but it does spark curiosity into what else the news could be reporting incorrectly.

Still, it does make a humorous video, feel free to laugh at the blunder here:

[vsw id="6668cxupH98" source="youtube" width="425" height="344" autoplay="no"]