FourTrack is a brilliant take on the old-fashioned multi-track recording system by the same name. Functional on the go, FourTrack allows you to record anything that might spring to mind with accuracy and consistency.

What makes this application remarkable is first the accuracy of recording. It allows you to record a track and then set it on a type of playback mode while you record the following tracks. Sound comes out from either the iPhones ear speaker, or from whatever headphones you might have. Recording always uses the iPhone microphone (which allows more than adequate recording).

Functions also included in the application are Pan control, Faders and a Shuttle Wheel that allows you to move freely through the track and record wherever you’d like. It does destructively record, so if you intend on recording over something, remember that there is no ‘undo button’.

Grabbing your tracks from the iPhone is a relatively simple process involving merely WiFi access and enough time to do further editing. One downfall that became clear to me was that there is no way to grab all the tracks as one — you can only download one track at a time. This means that you’ll have to use Garageband or some similar multi-track editing software to put the tracks together into the intended song.

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