Fonix To Bring Voice Dialing To iPhone

File this under the long, long list of reasons why having third party native applications on the iPhone is a very good idea. If you’ve been waiting for Apple to add voice-dialing functionality to the iPhone, you’ll probably be waiting a long, long time, but Fonix Speech, Inc. has stepped up to offer their own solution. It’s called iSpeak, and it lets you dial any of your contacts with no more than a voice command, as well as select an artist, song, or playlist in the iPod app.

“The powerful and dynamic tools provided by Apple have allowed the Fonix team to quickly and efficiently develop Fonix iSpeak™ for the Apple iPhone 3G ” says D. Lynn Shepherd, Fonix Sr. VP product engineering. “The feature rich iPhone™ is easy to use and our robust embedded speech interface will further create a positive and natural user-friendly environment which will further illustrate the dynamic features of this phone.”

Not only that, but you can also use it to control your iPod app by saying the name of the artist, the song, or the playlist.

Strangely it seems that they might be set to run into trouble with the SDK agreement. According to it’s description, it consists of “a run-time engine that sits on the phone,” which sounds an awful lot like an always-running app, which Apple very specifically doesn’t allow.

Still, Fonix makes no mention of such a conflict, although it notes that it will “be available for release directly from Fonix Speech Inc., and expects to be
available through traditional Apple™ distribution channels.” There’s a chance that this could mean starting at

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