Fix For Mail App Crashing When Accessing Gmail

Some users have been reporting issues with accessing their Gmail accounts through the iPhone’s Mail app. Several claims describe the app crashing constantly whenever they try to access the account. Similarly, other applications like Contacts crash as well.

Apple Discussions user rowanpettett wrote:

“I did a fresh restore, and synchronized mail, calendar and contacts to our Exchange Server with no problems whatsoever. But as soon as I added my Google Apps IMAP account, my Contacts started to crash if I scrolled to the bottom of the list or tried to search.”

So far, three possible fixes for the problem have been uncovered.

  1. Reset the network settings: Go to Settings > General > Reset network settings
  2. Restore the iPhone in ITunes
  3. Change your password: Navigate to your Gmail account page on a computer and change the accounts password. Next, delete the Gmail account from the iPhone and reestablish it

[via iPhone Atlas]

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