First Whispers of iPhone 5S Peg Production Testing in December, Early Spring Release?

Just as iPhone 5 availability has improved by a week (now taking 2-3 weeks for orders from the Apple Store to ship), comes reports sporting the addition of the “S” we have come to expect from a follow-up release. Don’t get too cozy with iPhone 5 as Apple may be pushing its follow-up much more aggressively, with new rumors pointing to production testing beginning this December. Such a speedy production timeframe could mean that we will see iPhone 5S much earlier than anticipated.

In order to rectify the “low yield rates” of iPhone 5 that still see Apple barely trailing the demand, the company could begin producing iPhone 5S in a test run of a fairly significant 50,000-100,000 units this December. If the Chinese financial newspaper¬†Commercial Times is to believed (the publication has had a healthy mix of correct reports as well as reports that did not pan out), then Apple has already “accelerated the certification processes for related parts and components for the iPhone 5S.”

For mass-production to begin in the first quarter of next year as the report goes on to mention, that more than likely spells out a release sometime between spring and summer; taking iPhone off of its fall launch timeframe.

Editor’s take: If Apple were to release two phones so relatively close apart, then much should not be expected of iPhone 5S. For its part in improving production management, Apple could use this opportunity to shift to more efficient manufacturing to catch up with demand rather than to bring a radically new phone to market. Since in all likeliness iPhone 5S will consist of a very similar design to its predecessor, prototype testing will be a simplified process in comparison although a run of up to 100,000 units is a telling sign that iPhone 5S is inching closer to a release that could come prior to even the summer cycle of the past. After the fourth-generation iPad had come onto the market only seven months after the previous iPad revision, ¬†the new iPad could very well have been a telling sign of a vicious new release cycle for Apple’s product lineups.

[via DigiTimes]

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