First Look: Toki Tori Brings High-Quality Console Gaming to the iPhone [Video]

Our friends at Chillingo announced back in 2008 that Toki Tori would be coming to the iPhone and we finally got our hands on a copy to try out! Originally a Gameboy Color game, it’s been ported to many Nintendo consoles and will be available soon for the iPhone. What caught our eye with Toki Tori was the graphics. Gameplay is incredibly smooth for the given graphics quality and the game and controls are easy to grasp. The game revolves around Toki Tori, a newly born chicken who’s on a quest to save his unborn siblings. At each level, he uses various tools to retrieve the eggs which are periodically introduced throughout the game. Two notable items: a freeze gun and a teleporter. NICE.

Not only is this game fun to play, it’s totally adorable. Check out the video below!

Toki Tori features a great use of multi-touch and the accelerometer. When I play this game, it feels like I’m playing a console game. It’s that good. If you thought Super Monkey Ball was awesome, you’ll love Toki Tori. Check out the trailer from Toki Tori for WiiWare (it’s more interesting than watching me play).

When it’s released, the game will have over 80 levels to play from. We’re not sure how much it’ll cost (we’ll update when we hear back from Chillingo), but it’ll be worth the cost regardless. Chillingo plans to have Toki Tori out sometime in the first half of 2009, although it may be a little late due to some last-minute tweaks to the controls. We’ll let you know when it’s out!

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