First Look: Tap Tap Revenge 2

The long anticipated Tap Tap Revenge 2 was released today and it’s positively crammed with exciting new stuff. A few weeks ago iPhone Alley got a sneak peek from an unnamed beta tester and we were completely blown away. From the graphics to the music to the incredibly improved gameplay, TTR 2 has outdone the original in every possible way.

To start, the first major change you’ll notice is in the menu system. Those who’ve played one of Tapulous’ paid games (Tap Tap Dance, etc) will be familiar with the new and greatly improved menus. But who really cares; what about the music?

Three tracks come bundled with the game; Death Cab for Cutie’s “The Sound of Settling,” The Crystal Method’s yet-unreleased “Double Down Under,” and an incredibly unique third track from Stroke 9. The thing that makes “Tap Tap DomiNation” so special is that Stroke 9 wrote and recorded it specifically as a theme song for Tap Tap Revenge 2. It’s incredibly catchy, so you may feel compelled to purchase it [iTunes]. Also available for download are more than 150 songs primed and ready for action in TTR2. We’ve also heard that some incredibly huge names will be coming to TTR2 very soon. Hint: one likes Rainbows and another is stereotypically enjoyed by college kids. Hmm…

Of all the changes, what blew us away most was the gameplay itself. Sporting a completely rewritten in-game engine, TTR2′s myriad of 3D graphics is enough to keep anyone mesmerized, stoner or not. The better you do, the more intense the colors and visuals get. Two player mode has also been improved with the coolest split-screen you’ve ever seen.

Online play has been vastly improved in TTR2 and lets you play with friends or other people you happen to meet up with online. Two player mode also features a new “progress bar” style indicator which shows who’s ahead at a glance.

Screenshot 2009.03.03 00.03.48.jpg
Screenshot 2009.03.03 00.02.19.jpg
Screenshot 2009.03.03 00.01.10.jpg

We’ll have our review up tomorrow, but why not try it now! It’s free and addicting. We’ll be here when you manage to pull yourself away.

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