First Look: Spore Origins On iPhone

Over at E3, TUAW got a chance to take a look of Spore: Origins, EA’s highly anticipated upcoming game for the iPhone, which will be available in the App Store September 7th. Like most games for the iPhone these days, navigation is controlled by the accelerometers via tilting. Early gameplay involves swimming around and eating to level up, which lets you customize your character.

In total there are around 35 levels, each which take around 3 to 5 minutes to beat. Unfortunately TUAW says that the game gets pretty boring after a while, considering that there’s no connectivity to the original game. Supposedly they’ll have a multiplayer version up eventually, but as for now it’s 1 player and completely standalone.

Be sure to check out TUAW’s review of the game. It will be available in the App Store on September 7th.

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