First Look: Kensington’s Hands-Free Visor Car Kit for iPhone

One of our favorite products from Macworld 2009 showed up at our lab today and we couldn’t resist checking it out! The Hands-Free Visor Car Kit for iPhone by Kensington is likely one of the coolest Bluetooth car kits available today. What makes it so special in our minds are two very cool features. First off, it has three programmable speed-dial buttons which let you call someone with one press. Second is its dual rechargeable battery system. Never again will you end up with a dead bluetooth on your visor.

If these two features weren’t enough (trust me, they’re sweet), it gets even better.

Using the device is incredibly easy; the manual is literally two pages long. To pair your phone, hit the power button and hold down the dedicated pairing/phone swap button. On the iPhone, type in the pairing code and your set.

The speed dial presets are incredibly easy to set up. Think of them as radio presets. Simply dial the number and press and hold the desired preset button. After a few seconds, the preset is set and you’ll be able to dial with one press.

For those with more than one phone, the Hands-Free Visor Car Kit handles up to three phones. The presets are even unique for each phone.

If we had to announce a verdict on this one now, we’d totally recommend it. Although its a bit pricy at $119.99, it’s definitely worth it.

Stay tuned for our full review sometime next week!

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