First Look: Depict – Pictionary Goodness Coming To An iPhone Near You

Makeshift Games, the guys behind Chuck the Ball and Ms. Chuck the Ball [App Store], is preparing to release their latest title, a multiplayer drawing game called Depict. The game closely mimics the basic idea behind Pictionary, but what makes it cool is that it uses OpenFeint to let you play with others around the world.

The object of the game is to guess what’s being drawn before somebody else does. Guess wrong and you lose. You’re also called upon to draw something that others playing will guess. If others guess correctly from your picture, they get points and so do you.

Gameplay, which has been an issue for some similar games in the past, is very enjoyable. Although it’s still in beta, I’ve been able to play online with the guys at Makeshift on several occasions and loved every minute of it. Drawing is simple and well thought out, the UI looks great; everything is solid. But don’t take my word for it, check out the video below!

OpenFeint integration is great, especially because lots of other games already use it. Chances are if you’ve played other popular titles on your iPhone, you already have an account.

Overall Depict is tons of fun and much more usable than its predecessor Quick Draw [App Store, $1.99]. The app’s been in queue at Apple for about two weeks now so we expect it to drop any time. When it hits, Depict will cost $0.99.

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