First Look: Ambiance 2.0

Since its release Ambiance has received lots of critical acclaim and has even appeared on Apple’s iPhone page as one of the best “relaxation” apps available. In the midst of its success however, Matt Coneybeare (Ambiance’s developer) has continued to innovate and will soon release has just released Ambiance 2.0 [App Store]. The new version is completely redesigned and features a sound “store” with over 200 sounds where users can browse and download new sounds for free.

Unlike Ambiance 1.0, the app doesn’t come with any default sound loops. Instead, you’re able to browse the “Ambiance Store” and choose any sound you like. Once you amass a few loops, you can play them separately or mix them together. The sounds are all free and more will be added each week.

An Alarm clock with fade in and out options is also included. You can even fall asleep to a sound and wake to an actual alarm if you’d like.

A new “favorites” feature lets you keep track of your favorite sounds and you can now create “playlists” which will crossfade in order or randomly.

Check out Ambiance 2 ($2.99 for a limited time) in the App Store. Ambiance Lite is also available for free and allows users to download up to three different sounds [App Store].

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