First Look: 8 Track Mind

8 Track Mind is an innovative musical puzzle game where the goal is to reproduce the original music by engaging specific music samples. When you start, a track is played for you to remember. After the music has been played, you have a limited amount of time to reproduce each part by tapping on the sample pads. The great part is that you’re not penalized for hitting the wrong pads, so you can listen to each one to figure out which fits with the original.

You’ll find very quickly that solving the puzzles is only half the fun. Because the game comes loaded with over 160 tracks of original music, you’ll soon find yourself mixing the different samples to come up with your own music! The great part is the developer has actually built in enough time to play around before you solve the puzzle.

The game contains a total of 20 different levels, but the pattern of which pads to use changes every time. This means that you can beat level one and come right back to find that a completely different pattern is required to beat it a second time.

Things get even more interesting when you activate OpenFeint. After you’ve beaten the game, you can try for any of the 12 achievements or simply try to get yourself on one of the 20 leaderboards! You can also compare scores with your friends using OpenFeint, Twitter, or Facebook.

This game has the potential to trigger a lot more creativity in the genre of musical games. It’s very well designed, tons of fun, and most importantly it allows you to be creative with the awesome set of samples included with the game. Needless to say, we’re very excited to see this gem hit the App Store.

8 Track Mind has been submitted to the App Store and Improbable Sciences, the game’s developer, hopes to see it approved in early December. When it’s released, 8 Track Mind will be available for $4.99.

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