First iPad 5 Pictures Depict a Design Borrowed from iPad mini; “Miniaturized” New iPad Design

While we certainly cannot be surprised, images of the back of the next-generation iPad depict a tablet that has slimmed down in all dimensions (new iPad dimensions will certainly be substantially smaller) to become less of a big brother to its miniature counterpart – in fact, if these images are to be believed (we would not cast a shadow of doubt), then what we will henceforth refer to as iPad 5 will also borrow the chamfered design that the mini and iPhone 5 are adorned with.

It seems that our assumptions about the next new iPad release being predicted by the iPad mini’s design trends have been substantiated through the leak of an iPad 5 rear shell part claimed to be received directly from a Chinese supplier. Not only does the part gracefully mirror the iPad mini, but it is also roughly the same thickness if not a tad thicker.

What this spells out for iPad 5 is akin to a significant diet and toning for the tablet in perhaps one of the most anticipated changes now that users are more accustom to the virtues of smaller tablets: that is, a much smaller form factor with the same 9.7″ Retina Display. In addition to a slimming-down of its profile, iPad 5 would also take liberty in being significantly less wide with an almost non-existant bezel surrounding the display¬†as is indicated by the leaked rear chassis’s comparison with the current iPad mini.

Rather than being practically dominated by a bezel, iPad 5′s footprint would adjust to make room for little more than the display; as a user from the MacRumors forum demonstrates (slightly off-axis) with a model indicating the portion that the display would take up:











The new form factor will certainly be a dramatic, very welcome change. We can also assume that the excess glass and aluminum omitted would make for an adjusted, new iPad weight that is noticeably lighter as well. It is expected that iPad 5 will also be released in a white and silver variant.

Considering the timing of this leak, Apple could be on-track for a spring release although reports are pointing towards a new fall release timeframe. When factoring in how a 128GB model was added to the fourth-generation iPad lineup this week, we would have to expect the latter release. The significantly reduced new iPad dimensions and weight that this leak practically promises makes the extended weight all the more unbearable for those stuck waiting for what is deserving of a “9.7″ iPad mini moniker – as contradictory as that is.

[via: 9to5Mac]