Firemint Announces New Game, Agent Squeek

Mere moments ago, I received a press email from Firemint (Flight Control/$0.99, Real Racing/$4.99 and Real Racing 2/$6.99) which parted with very few details of their newest game coming to iOS, Agent Squeek.

Though few details were given out apart from the actual name, some cute artwork shown on the banner (above) and a three-line description of the outer-gist of the game, you can expect to see something solid from the developers of the three highly liked games of theirs currently on the app store. From the email:

Play as Agent Squeek, the dashing and debonair undercover mouse. Outsmart ferocious felines and crack fiendish challenges! Sneak, sprint and strategize in your quest to save every precious piece of missing cheese.

Firemint will also be showcasing the came over at the Game Developer’s Conference (GDC) to media members. Sadly, though, I won’t be there.

If you love these iPhone developers as much as I and the other gamer here on the iPA team do, you can keep “Like” their new Facebook page devoted to keeping you updated on the game’s progress/contents. Additionally, you can always just stay tuned to iPhoneAlley for any worthwhile updates!