Firaxis Releases Civilization Revolution Game for iPhone, iPod Touch

Software developer Firaxis’ Civilization Revolution has finally arrived at the App Store, marking the first time a Civilization game has been made available for Apple’s iPhone and iPod handset. According to MacNN, Civilization Revolution, like the other entries in the “Civilization” series, is turn-based and carries over the other features of the full PC game, albeit some simplified rules include a limit of three units in army stacks.

Players assume turn-based control of one of 16 civilizations, which attempt to dominate the others through military, cultural, economic or technological superiority; among the factions are China, Japan, Spain, Germany and the US. New iPhone-specific features include gesture commands, and autosaves in case a phone call is received. CivRev costs $5, and requires iPhone 2.2 firmware or later to install and run.

A free demo is also available, though no multiplayer options are currently present.

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