Final Messages From Deceased Foxconn Worker Published, Indicate Excessive Force

The final text messages of Sun Danyong, the Foxconn worker who committed suicide after losing a prototype iPhone, have been released to the public. They make the picture of what happened before his death a little clearer, and all the more disturbing.

This was the last message sent to his girlfriend, according to one Chinese newspaper:

“My dear, I’m sorry, go back home tomorrow, something has happened to me, please don’t tell my family, don’t contact me, this is the first time that I have ever begged you, please agree to that! I am so sorry!”

Another claims to have a conversation between him and one of his friends that shows that Sun Danyong was in fact being brutalized, though the security officer in question denies using excessive force:

“Even at a police station, the law says force must never be used, much less in a corporate office. I was just a suspect, my dear head of security, so what reason and right do you have to confine me and use force?

[via The new Yorker]

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