Fieldrunners is a fantastic real-time tower defense game that completely surpassed my expectations. The main objective is to place a plethora of defense mechanisms on the field in front of your headquarters, keeping your enemy from making it through alive. The graphics are crisp and the artwork has a fun cartoon feel to it. Don’t let the game’s harmless look fool you though. Your survival depends entirely on your strategy. If those cute little soldiers get past your defenses, you’re dead!

This game is pure fun. Suicidal enemy soldiers, tanks, helicopters, and even giant robots will try to cross the screen before you can blow em up. The more enemies you destroy, the more money you get to buy extra defense towers or upgrade the ones you’ve already got. Simple, right? It’s all up to you to make the perfect route to ensure no one gets through! Let 20 baddies get by you and it’ll be game over. Enemies get stronger as you progress and harder boards have multiple baddie entrances to worry about, so you have to keep up the pressure to survive.

There are three different modes of gameplay: classic, extended, and endless. You have to unlock extended and endless by beating classic mode, which is very much easier said than done, even on easy mode. Most of my games took about 20 minutes to get through 100 rounds, but the game can be paused and saved for later if you’d like. You can even unlock a fast forward option to speed things up.

Graphically, Fieldrunners looks pretty amazing, although it doesn’t need to since the gameplay is so good, and the music is catchy and cute considering all the mayhem going on. It really adds to the fun to be able to zoom in and watch the fluid animations of all your defenses taking out the bad guys. I only noticed a little slowdown when zoomed all the way in with dozens of bad guys and missiles on screen at once. Impressive.

Honestly, Fieldrunners made me forget about the rest of my life, it’s that addictive to watch dozens of poor fools walk through a maze of machine gun turrets, missiles, tesla towers, flame throwers, and mortars. You need to buy it. Now.

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