Ferrari Keen On Exploring Other Markets – Launches Four iDevice Cases

If you take a look at Ferrari’s online store you’ll see that they have a wide variety of items available for purchase anywhere from clothing to bikes and back to watches – it’s a massive display of what you may call “everything”. However, they didn’t have just about “everything” until they recently launched three iPhone 4 cases and one for the original iPad. Seems everyone wants to join in on the big-money opportunity involved with Apple’s products!

You don’t usually see many Ferraris on the road – at least not nearly as many Toyotas that you do see. And you probably won’t be seeing too many of these new Ferrari cases. The cars and the cases alike, both share something in common: high price. I have to say, though, they also both look pretty slick. Available in both red in black, the four cases are made out of genuine “black leather” and feature the signature prancing horse.

iPhone 4:
Leather iPhone 4 Cover with flap – Italy Collection ($41.58)
Leather iPhone 4 case – Italy Collection ($35.64)
Leather iPhone 4 case– Italy Collection ($29.67)

Leather iPad case – Italy Collection ($94.14)

Regardless of the semi-steep price stuck onto a shaped piece of high-end leather with a brand name, I really can’t wait for Ferrari to officially launch an iPod Touch case so it can go along with my beautiful Ferrari monitor. (I’m not kidding!)

Post down below if you decide to take the plunge with one of these cases. I’m really curious to see how well they work.