FCC Investigating Google Voice Banning, Exclusivity Agreements

With uncharacteristic swiftness of a government organization, the FCC says they are now investigating the removal of all Google Voice applications from the App Store. Specifically, they say they are focusing AT&T’s possible involvement in it’s removal. The FCC submitted three letters to Apple, AT&T and Google asking why the apps were removed from the App Store and why the official Google Voice app was rejected. It also asks if AT&T was “consulted” prior to the decision.

Interestingly, as the Wall Street Journal reports, the FCC’s inquires into the issue seem to be their own idea and not the result of any specific formal complaints. We can only hope this means they are becoming more knowledgeable of public concerns in general, and shows a promising outlook for their future involvement in decision making.

While this is probably one of the more exciting and potentially beneficial investigations the FCC has made, it’s not the only one. Bloomberg reported earlier today that they are also taking a close look at the effect of exclusivity agreements between handset makers and carriers in markets that have sparse to no coverage by big-name carriers like AT&T.

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