Faster App Switching, Bigger Screen Next-Generation iPhone Mockup

As more and more rumors flood in, what tends to be the case in past years, due to the rumored dates of new product announcements comes ever so close, there are always some interesting mockups that make their way onto the web. Hypothetically, this next one that we’re presenting to you could happen, but it probably will not. The video is intriguing, regardless.

Sent to AppAdvice by one of their dedicated readers, the following video depicts what his idea of the next-generation iPhone will look like. Check out the video for yourself:

If you’re on your iOS device, click here to view the video.

As you can see, the maker behind the concept iPhone in the embedded video visualized the device having a larger screen thanks to the relocation of the microphone as well as the home button; the microphone is now on the bottom, front of the phone while the bezel hosts the home buttons. This will supposedly allow the larger screen along with the same physical size in comparison to the current iPhone 4S.

The biggest feature on this concept/mockup is undoubtedly the inclusion of the two home buttons with their new location. Emphasis is put on faster app switching apparently because of the location of these buttons. Kris Groen, who made the video, states that your hand is already in a position to hit the two home buttons on either side of the bezel, which will quit your currently open application. Additionally, you can hit one rather than both to switch between open processes/applications and scroll between pages, therefore making it more efficient.

However, right now with my 4S I can already change applications using the multitasking bar, quit applications and scroll with one hand, which is what Kris wants you to focus on with the new design. Plus, it would be pretty annoying if you were gaming or whatnot and hit the two buttons on accident. It seems almost too easy to do so. Anyways, why would Apple include a capacitive touchscreen only to allow users to do a lot without even touching it?

Despite the few caveats that the concept has, it’s an interesting idea executed brilliantly, visually. We’ll keep you posted on further rumors/mockups when they’re available.