Farts vs. Zombies – Upcoming Game That Combines Both of the Overused Genres in the App Store! Photos, Video, and Interview

What are the two most commonly found app genres on the app store to this day? Zombie games and none other than fart manipulating apps. Thanks to Mutant Games’ upcoming game, you can experience both of them at the same time. However, this time the game won’t be boring at all like many of the others!

Basically, the game has you fending for yourself against hordes of zombies with only disgusting things like farts and vomit. If you’re one of those people like me who love humor, you’ll definitely enjoy the trailer that Mutant Games has put out there for you to enjoy! Already with over 10,000 views, I can tell that this will be their best selling game!

Here is the official trailer:

I also got a chance to ask Mutant Games’ CEO a few questions about the game. He’s provided me with some nice HD images of the game, along with a wonderful Q&A:

Q. Your company makes a lot of games. What influenced you guys to develop this one?

A. We’re indie developers, so we love games like Braid, World of Goo or flOw. Our goal is to contribute with new ideas and ways of gaming. But after the release of our first game, “Cell & Love: The Fun of Fusion” all the team in the office was looking at the poor sales and analyzing the success of other games in the App Store. We started to mix up ideas from different games and the FVZ concept came up. For a developer it’s frustrating to see good games being ignored while apps with fart sounds or games featuring zombies are getting the money. Thanks to Apple’s efforts, the App Store is getting better now, there is less useless apps and they are featuring games based on their quality, but we’d love to have more. It’d be great to have more lists on the App Store based on reviews or other criterions, not only on sales. This would in turn give more visibility for games that haven’t been introduced to the App Store’s large audience. The problem of the App Store is that only games that aim to the masses can be in the top lists and be successful, and aiming to the masses often means violent games, big marketing campaigns, big budget, known IPs, zombies, farts,… so it’s not easy to survive for indie developers wanting to explore new ideas or ways of doing games.

Q. Do you guys think that this will lead to a new line of games?

A. I hope not! Hahaha!

Q. Farts vs. Zombies features a Chuck Norris lookalike. Was this meant to be this way?

A. Is it so similar to Chuck? Main character’s name is John Farter, he is inspired also by Kenshiro (Fist of the North Star) and others. Actually, when we created the character, Chuck Norris’ game was in top#1 in our country, so we decided to include some in our parody.

Q. The game combines many genres that are overseen on the app store. What makes you guys think that the game will succeed?

A. I don’t know if it will succeed or not, but for the moment, and only because its name, FVZ has already made more noise than all our previous games combined together. It has been featured on some big websites and you’re interviewing me about it, none of these things happened with our other games, and they’re all quality games, but they just didn’t receive as much. At least, I hope that FVZ will help to make developers, press and players aware of the abuse of these clich├ęs, so they can develop, write about and buy more innovative games.

Thanks for the interview Daniel! The game’s still in development, but expect a full review once it has been released!