Fake iPhone Scams Common In Russia

An elaborate iPhone scam has been running rampant in Russia. People have been pawning off fake iPhones as the real deal for cash. Scammers approach users with an elaborate fake iPhone, usually pretending to be in a big rush, asking to trade it for money to, for example, buy a train ticket.

The mock-ups externally closely resemble the real deal, but only displays the Apple logo when you press the home button. The scammer then claims that it just needs to be charged for a while. Not suspecting the forgery, an unfortunate victim would usually take it to a service station, where they would open it to reveal nothing more than a lightbulb that illuminates a logo on the “screen”, as well as a steel weight to make it feel heavy like an iPhone would.

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If you happen to be in Russia, then be warned. The guy trying to get money for his iPhone is probably trying to rip you off.

[via English Russia]

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