Facebook Pushes A Second Update in Under 24 Hours, Getting Special Treatment?

As many of you may know, Facebook released a much-anticipated update [App Store, Free] for its iPhone app yesterday which included two major new features; push notifications and the ability to sync your iPhone contacts with Facebook. Now because many of my contacts don’t have photos, I turned on sync and toggled the “replace photos” option to off. Then disaster struck — well, kind of.

Long story short, the app replaced all of my contacts’ photos without regard for that toggle switch. So to address the issue, Facebook released an update early this morning and everything works great now. But since when could developers release app updates in under 24 hours?

So either Facebook is getting special treatment after the whole Joe Hewitt thing, or Apple’s managed to get app updates through the approval process faster than new app submissions. Now because I haven’t heard anything about other applications, I’m going to assume that Facebook is getting special treatment. It’s possible, but is it fair?

In the past Facebook hasn’t gotten special treatment and has had to deal with the grueling submission process just like everyone else. Who knows, maybe the app reviewers are stepping up their game, but I doubt it.

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