Facebook Goes iPad, iPhone Friendly – Not Quite HTML5

Several tech blogs are reporting today that FaceBook has gone iPad and iPhone friendly with the adoption of HTML5 for its streaming videos. Previously, when a using Safari on one of the Apple mobile devices, you would get a message that you needed to install Flash to view a video. This has changed, and now the videos play.

However, further analysis by ReadWriteWeb indicates that FaceBook is not actually using HTML5, but transcoding the video to MP4, a format that the Apple devices will play. According to their testing, FaceBook detects that the user is on an iPad or iPhone and then redirects them to the iPad and iPhone friendly format.

Still, this is a big step forward, as FaceBook joins the ranks of other big sites (YouTube, Vimeo, NYT to name a few) that have taken steps away from pure Flash video delivery. Perhaps we really will see a Flash end-of-life in the near future as the web adopts more open standards like HTML5 and MP4.

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